Not sure how to tell if your phone has a virus? Mobile malware is on the rise, but it’s easy to scan and remove viruses from Android phones and even iPhones if you follow just a few simple steps. Learn how to stop pop-up ads and malicious Android apps in their tracks, as well as how to run a full phone virus scan.

Android malware comes in many forms, ranging from adware, which drenches you in waterfalls of unwanted ads, to spyware, which gathers your personal data for third parties (often advertisers), to mobile ransomware, which holds your files hostage and demands a ransom in order for you to retrieve them.

The story for iPhones is a bit different: Although iOS is generally not vulnerable to viruses or even many types of malware, there are other security threats you should guard your phone against.

What keeps iOS safer? Unlike Android, iPhone and iPad apps can be downloaded only through the official App Store. This prevents malicious software from infecting your device through fake apps.