Microsoldering Services B2B

We specialise in micro-soldering repairs. Since 2013, we have been constantly developing in this area. We offer the best and affordable service to fix your device’s Logic/motherboard. Our most common logic board repair includes:

iPhone 7/7 plus No audio, iPhone 6/6 Plus Touch IC/Disease, No Network, SOS only, No IMEI, Stuck on Apple logo, Wifi greyed out, iTunes Error 9/4013/4014, No/Half Backlight, Touch ID, Face ID repair, Battery stuck on 1% or Fake Charging, PMIC issue, iPhone X/XS/XS Max touch issue, Nand and CPU issue, blown backlight circuits, data recovery from water damaged/dead phones, repair of damaged traces on PCB, damaged FPC connectors (such as touch, camera, battery) and more!

We also fix iPad’s touch/FPC connector, backlight, charging port, wifi issue, hard drive and more!! Our specialities are repairing, MacBook and other laptop motherboard and general repair as well.

We are currently repairing logic boards for repair stores throughout Australia. If you are a repair store and you are interested in a cooperation, you can always contact us. We’re here to help.